There are a lot of really great parks in Portland, Maine. These parks are scattered all throughout the city and are nice places for families to go on the weekends to relax and unwind.

Spending time in one of the city's parks is definitely one of the best things to do in Portland. Parents love to take their kids to these parks for an afternoon of good quality family fun and many animal lovers also frequently take their pets to the parks.Some of the best parks in Portland are Back Cove Trail, Deering Oaks Park, Payson Park, and both the Eastern and Western Promenades. These parks have excellent walking trails and numerous other recreation and entertainment options. They also offer a lot of summer activities.

Other fun and exciting parks in the area include Fore River Park, Pines Grove Park, Harbour View Memorial Park, and Lincoln Park. These parks are always filled with families, kids, and their pets. Many of the parks are also very picturesque and even romantic, so a picnic in one of them is a wonderful first date option.

Two really good dog parks in Portland are Quarry Run Dog Park and Valley Street Dog Park. These parks are frequented by both locals and people visiting the area that have pets with them. Belmeade Park, Winslow Park, Trinity Park, and Longellow Park are also considered to be some of the best parks in Portland, Maine.

Because there are so many parks in the area, spending a relaxing day in one of them is definitely one of the best things to do in Portland. Whether one is looking for a great place for a first date or a park that offers a variety of fun and exciting summer activities, Portland will most likely have exactly the kind of park one is looking for.