If you are looking to wine and dine a special someone, especially for a romantic first date, there is definitely nightlife to consider in beautiful, old-fashioned Portland, Maine. Here are a few things to consider, when thinking about doing something fun and exciting in the area.

The Maine Coast is a wonderful place to get away to, for a romantic evening or weekend. However, the beauty of the coast is totally different from the elegant, quaint, downtown area. Having been through much adversity, Portland remains a strong port town, and in many shop windows you will see flowers and plants since Portland is a town that is very much alive and brimming with excitement.

Whether you wish to go to Portland in the spring, summer, winter or fall, anytime is the right time to do something fun and exciting in Portland.  You can literally wine and dine at several fine restaurants. Portland offers many fine restaurants which contain some of the fresh sea food catch from the area, too. If you prefer to do something more recreational, there is never a lack of things to do in Portland.

There are many events, including live music, available to attend in Portland, Maine. Tickets, when required, are easily purchased at 207area.com or at the location a specific event will be held. Many places will not necessarily require tickets, too. Events in Portland can be the start of many fine memories for you and a special someone.

Area restaurants offer many opportunities, when it comes to the best places for a first date in Portland Maine. However, there is no limit to the kind of recreation you can experience, while visiting Portland.

It's true: Portland, Maine is chock-full of nightlife attractions, specifically geared toward those who enjoy the nightlife. Imagine yourself sitting, listening to music at a table with fresh flowers in downtown Portland. The feeling is upbeat, and you and your date are really enjoying the vibe.