Parks are often the first thing to come to mind when looking for a free way to exercise or meet people in the Portland area. A park is a great place for the community to keep healthy and enjoy the outdoors without needing to travel far from the city.

A park can be used to walk the dog, play on the playground, or form meetups for recreation and fitness. Many meetups are available for newcomers to join, such as cycling clubs and running clubs. Other fitness minded groups may also be located in the area. These are an ideal way to meet other people in the area and enjoy fitness in a friendly and fun environment.

Running clubs in Portland, Maine offer a simple and effective way to meet new friends and improve health at the same time. These clubs often offer events for many different ages and fitness levels, from beginners to marathon runners. This makes finding a group to exercise with easy for anyone interesting in  running.

To find these groups, many look through local gyms or community centers to find advertising or any information on when and where groups meet. This is often a good resource as local clubs tend to promote events to raise awareness for the intended charity or community wellness program.

Parks may also offer free cycling club events during warmer months. A park is often a good start or finish location for groups that meet to cycle together. They may also be used as a rest station during particularly long event rides or fun rides. Cycling clubs may have different fitness levels, similar to running clubs, to allow members to find one that fits their needs.

Some levels may include beginners, those with children or pets, as well as those who may have physical limitations. This provides everyone with a group that they can use for health and recreation without spending a lot of money. Free events are often posted on the club's website, or advertised through many different sources to spread the word.

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities for fitness and potential friendship in Portland.  Find a club, meet up, and hit the ground running, or cycling, today!