Maine is a wonderful state with a steady economy, offering jobs in many different trades. Maine is known for job opportunities in the logging, manufacturing, production, factory, and iron industries, but there are many areas within Maine that offer diversity and opportunity in many other employment sectors.

Some of the top paying jobs in Portland are in fields like marketing, sales, construction, and accounting. Other available Portland jobs include internists, medical assistants, and chemical engineers. Portland jobs, whether part or full-time, offer individuals work options in a variety of career fields, due to the stable economy. Some of the top paying jobs in Portland may be surprising, but there is an increase in the need for veterinary technicians and veterinarians, at present. Other thriving jobs in Portland can be found in the information technology and real estate broker markets.

Downtown Portland is a quaint city with an old world charm. Downtown Portland offers many opportunities for employment, as well. The need for internists and dentists has risen in downtown Portland in recent years, along with a steady rise in physician assistants, podiatrists, and lawyers.

The Old Port is a historic nook in downtown Portland. The Old Port is known for its swanky boutiques, bars and pubs that draw in a younger and more culturally diverse crowd. Artisans, restaurant employees like chefs and servers, and those with fashion experience would find the Old Port a wonderful place to begin their job search.

Bar Harbor is one of Maine's most exquisite and eye-catching cities loved and enjoyed equally by tourists and residents alike. In addition to the scenery, Bar Harbor also offers a surprisingly vast array of jobs. Those with experience in restaurant and/or hotel management, real estate, or health care may find Bar Harbor the perfect location for business.

Whether looking for jobs in Portland, Bar Harbor, or anywhere in the great state of Maine, opportunities are plentiful and cover a wide range of trades. A simple job search on any reputable job search engine will reveal that the job market in Maine is steadily rising and offers opportunities for virtually everyone.