Portland, Maine is a thriving metropolis with almost 250,000 people and no shortage of jobs. For those seeking a career in event planning in Portland, Crossmark provides many jobs. However, the closest source for event specialist jobs in Maine is Biddeford, a 26- minute drive from Portland.

A high school diploma in addition to three months of experience and/or education is required for most of these event specialist positions. The event specialist must be able to stand for up to eight hours at a time, lift up to 25 pounds, and prepare foods using common cooking utensils.

Event specialists are typically hired on a part-time basis through Crossmark. The company was founded in 1905 and continues to be a powerful force in the industry with its impressive marketing and sales techniques.

Crossmark provides many jobs to those looking for careers in event planning in Portland and nationwide. Portland is undoubtedly a major metropolitan area with a good deal of competition so while it might be easy to find jobs in Portland, actually obtaining one can sometimes be the hard part. However, many event specialist jobs in Portland do not require a bachelor's degree and some nationally-recognized companies such as the American Heart Association offer careers in event planning in Portland.

Event planning and event specialist jobs are a popular career choice, partly because of their flexibility. Employees can set their own hours or even work from home.

So, for those looking to find jobs in Portland, Crossmark is a good place to start. With a bit of persistence, potential event specialists will be off to a wonderful start in their new career in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine.  Be sure to check out our comprehensive Portland job search page for positions like these and more!