Are you interested in visiting Portland, Maine? Shopping is an exciting activity to do while you are there. The best places to shop in Portland Maine are Downtown Portland, Old Port, Bar Harbor, and South Portland.

Shopping includes stores that are defined by well known brands, but better yet, many of the stores are boutique shops filled with creative crafts, unique clothing, and fine jewelry.

Downtown Portland is home to the Pioneer Place Mall which is filled with many stores and is located near many dining locations. Downtown Portland is referred to as "crafty wonderland" because of its one of a kind shops. It is also located near Old Town Chinatown which is another great destination for anyone interested in shopping in Portland.

Old Port is a great place to find clothing, pet supplies, home accessories, shoes, and more. It is located on the water in a historic setting. Famous Maine lobster dishes can be found at nearby restaurants.

Bar Harbor is home to many antique shops. This picturesque area of Portland has many specialty shops with art, jewelry, maple syrup, outdoor supplies, and more. Many treasures and trinkets can be found in stores in this area. Evergreen Pottery, Island Artisans, Jack's Jewelry, and Mystery Cove Bookshop are some examples of reputable stores in Bar Harbor.

South Portland is home to The Maine Mall and Maine Crossing. The Maine Mall has top brands that are recognized worldwide and is considered the best mall in Maine. There are more than 140 shops and more than 120 discount locations in South Portland. Tasty food and cool clothing can be found here too.

Shopping in Portland is fun and exciting because of all of the different options and things to see. The best places to shop in Portland Maine are not hard to find, and spending a great amount of time in these stores in Portland will bring great entertainment to people of all ages.