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  • I am a Mom 0f 2 girls, 10 AND 3. they are sooo freakin great. they make me stay straight and arrow for sure. but sometimes i like to be a girl and be crazy and do things not on "my list of to do's". I have lived in Maine my entire life pretty much if u don't count the few times i have ventured off to arizona and florida for months to find myself. Cause i always found myself back here in 10 feet of snow? GO FIGURE... but when i started having kids I knew I wanted for them to grow up where i feel it is safer then most any place else in the US and so that is why I am here. I do love having 4 seasons and I love being near the Ocean. I moved to Southern Maine about a year ago after growing up in Northern Maine and what a difference. I can never see myself moving back t the Bangor area now after being down here. It feels like an entirely different world here and I love it.
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